aaEpisode 1: "SCISSR"

Newly out and recently single Aviva, doesn’t know any other lesbians, Emily’s current date is not a good match, and Corey needs to get over a heartbreak. When Sam & Niamh, the door girls at a neighborhood lesbian bar, Scissr, invite them out using a new dating app Same Same, worlds collide.

Episode 2: "Back At The Bar"

Several months after first meeting, the girls have formed a new clique, but Niamh and Corey are no longer in it. Emily is skittish of her latest hookup, her bandmate Yasmina, becoming a new girlfriend. Sam fronts as an MMA fighter to impress a girl, and Aviva struggles to figure out how to express herself as a newly out lesbian.

Episode 3: "Got A Match! Aviva & Toshi"

Aviva goes on a date with someone far more knowledgable in the world of queer sex, and has to work hard to hide her naiveté.

Episode 4: "A Little 101"

Suddenly aware of her inexperience, Aviva spirals into a whirlwind of sexual angst. Meanwhile, Emily’s constant use of Same Same is getting in the way of her relationship with Yasmina.

Episode 5: "Got A Match! Yasmina & Uncle Meg"

To even the playing field between her & Emily, Yasmina goes on a Same Same date. But her date wants more than she is willing to give. Especially since she’s not that fond of cats…

Episode 6: "Fluid"

Emily rocks up to Caitlin’s party ready to show her commitment to Yasmina the only way she knows how, but her previous bad date, Eloise, gets in the way.

Episode 7: " Sam & Maya"

Sam tries to break her dry spell by going on a date with a gorgeous intellect, but she might’ve chosen the wrong girl for the task…

Episode 8: "Brunch"

Aviva comes out to her parents, but their reaction is entirely unexpected. Sam & Emily figure out who Corey’s dating, and Aviva isn’t going to like it. Emily considers a new kind of relationship.

Episode 9: " Caitlin & Indie"

Sick of her group’s drama, Caitlin seeks out someone new. She just didn’t expect the girl’s Mom to be a part of their very first date.

Episode 10: "Fifty Shades Of Literature"

Emily receives an interesting package from her latest Same Same conquest, which leads her to reassess her recent relationship choices. Aviva’s family takes a new approach to her queer-ness.

Episode 11: "Got A Match! Eloise & Luna"

Eloise meets a witchy new woman. But will her aura get in the way of the date before she can find out what her future holds?

Episode 12: "Loose Ends"

Aviva receives an unexpected visitor, Sam’s MMA ‘abilities’ are challenged by the pro-fighter she’s been trying to impress, and Emily finally tells Yasmina how she feels.